About Marykate Stallings

  I’ve always loved everything whimsical and beautiful. I had a very impressive dress up closet as a child and nothing has changed today!

I have always been interested in photography and it completely took over my life in high school when I taught myself Photoshop and created surreal conceptual photos. I even graduated high school a year early to start my photography career. I eventually moved to creating artistic portraits, then combining my two past interests of photoshop and portraits into the whimsical creations you see on my website today. I’ve won several awards been published in a few magazines and books but my real pride and joy is creating photos for your home! Photos that won’t stay on a flash drive or desktop but on your walls for you to see and enjoy everyday. You don’t need to have calm, quiet, kids that will be told to sit there smile and leave. That’s definitely not what I was like as a child. Bring your kids how they are and let them have fun! They can play in glitter! Dress up! Meet a unicorn! Dance to their favorite song! I can’t wait to meet your and your family and create some magic and beautiful photos to cherish for years to come.


Marykate's Favorite Things

  • Photography & Photoshop of course

  • Traveling

  • Puns

  • Ice cream

  • Cozy pajama pants

  • Princess dresses

  • The color purple

  • Pizza, mac & cheese, spaghetti

  • Funny movies

  • Local art

  • Chocolate

  • Inspiring other artists