Christmas FAQ

General Questions

How much is a session?

$250, half due to book, other half just needs to be paid prior to 48 hours before your session. 

What’s included?

A 30 minute session with one backdrop of your choice, 10 digital files of your choice, a behind the scenes video and access to my studio wardrobe.

What if I want more photos? Can I just have all the unedited photos?

You can absolutely purchase more photos starting at $25 each. No if you want additional photos you have to purchase them. 

How do I choose the photos?

Immediately after your session we will go through the photos together so you can choose the ones you’d like. 

Can I view them later? 

I highly suggest viewing the photos right after your session so I can edit them quickly and send them to you within a week of your session. But if you’d like to view them later so your husband/family member/friend can help you decide then we can setup a time for you to come back or we can Facetime/Skype for you to choose them. So in that case you will get the photos a week from when you choose them and not from the session. 

When will I get the edited photos?

You will receive a link to an online gallery within a week from your session with your chosen photos 

What if I don’t want 10 photos? Can I pay less to get less photos, like a mini session?

10 photos are included in the set session fee. If you choose not to receive 10 photos that’s fine but your session fee will not be discounted and you can not get product credit or anything else instead. Yes 10 photos sounds like a lot but trust me it’s normally hard to narrow it down to that. 

Where will these sessions be?

At my home studio near Highway 6 and Westheimer, the address will be sent to you after booking.


When are you doing these sessions?

October 12, 16, 20, November 2, 3, 6, 10, 16, 17, 23, 26, December 1,7,8,11,14,15

What if I’d prefer to do them another day? 

Contact me at or call/text 713-858-8693  I can check my schedule and see if your preferred time can work. 

What if I need to reschedule?

We can absolutely reschedule, I know you may not perfectly know your holiday season schedule this early. You can reschedule for no fee as long as you do it 48 hours prior to your session. You can actually easily reschedule without contacting me, find your confirmation email and click the reschedule button. 


What if I don’t know which theme I want to do now/I change my mind later?

No worries at all, there’s an option while booking for “I’ll decide my theme later” you can choose that one and just need to let me know 48 hours before which theme you’d like to do. You can also change it before that time as well. As long as you keep in mind that Santa is ONLY available on November 16th. 

What if I want to do more than one theme? 

That would be great, there’s a $50 fee for additional themes you also get $15 minute extra time in your session 

What ages are best for these sessions/can we do family photos?

The themes all have different sized setups and backdrops so the answer varies. If you go back and click on the individual themes at the bottom it’ll take you to more information but here’s a quick answer, of course we can always make it work for you if your heart is set on a certain theme but here’s just a recommendation. Babies younger than 4 months are absolutely welcome but we’re limited on poses, unless they have a sibling or parent that will be in the photos and help hold them. 

Candy land -recommended age 6 months - 12 years (fits 3 people) 

Polar Express- recommended age 1 year - 12 years (fits 4 people) 

Milk & Cookies -recommended age 4 months - any age (fits 4 people) Great for family photos. 

Twas the Night before Christmas - recommended age 1 year - 12 years  ( fits 3 people) 

Winter Wonderland - recommended age 4 months - any age ( fits 6 people) The best for family photos 

Santa - any age ( fits 4 people) 

People in Session 

Is there an additional fee for more than one child?

No all your children can be in one session, cousins as well. If it’s going to be a large group 6+ please let me know ahead of time 

Can I share a session with a friend? 

No, only siblings&cousins can share sessions since a lot of their photos will be taken together. If you would like photos of your child + their friend book a session for your child and have their friend book a session right after and we can do a few with both of them. 

Can my dog join a session?

Yes for the Milk and Cookies Set or Twas the Night Before Christmas Set since they are on Blankets so I can simply wash the blanket. Please book the last session of the day if you’re interested in bringing your dog. 

Will you do any outside?

No not this year.