The Portrait  Experience


Photoshoots with MKStallings Photography is about more than just a couple pictures, it's about making women feel beautiful, children being able to experience their whimsical fantasies, and creating works of art for generations to have and admire. 

The four steps in the portrait Experience: 

1. Pre-consultation. 

 Before I start planning my shoot I need to know about you! We will discuss who will be in the pictures, wardrobe ideas, makeup ideas, concepts, and what you ultimately want to use the pictures for. This will help me create the exact images that you want, and perfectly capture your story. We will also choose the day that best works for us and our vision, and book your shoot. This can be done in person, or over the phone. 

2. Professional Makeup and Hairstyling

A professional makeup artist and hair stylist will come to my studio or the location we chose and do your makeup and hair however you would like for your shoot, at an additional fee of $150. Of course you're beautiful without makeup, but it's nice to feel pampered and I want you feeling your absolute best at our session!

3. The Photo shoot 

Here's the fun part! Expect the photo shoot to last 30 mins -2 hours hours depending on what kind of session you have and how many different outfits you bring. I will have drinks and snacks for us in my studio. I'll pose you from your head to your toes so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We will create some amazing photos and you/your child will leave skipping with confidence. 

4. The Reveal 

About 1-2 weeks after your session we will meet back up at my studio and look at all your awesome images!We will also view a super cute video that was taken during your session that includes the finished images. You will be able to choose which photos you love and those are the ONLY ones you have to purchase. The photos are printed at 4x6 in 6x8 mats and come in a beautiful luxurious white folio box if you purchase 10 or more. The reveal normally lasts under 30 minutes but there is no rush if you need more time. Make sure you bring anyone that needs to be a part of the purchasing decision. Then if all the photos you purchase are already printed you get to go home with them that day! If they are not, then I will print and then mail them to you and you can expect them about two weeks later.