Milk & Cookies Session

This simple, cute, modern setup is a great way to get some festive photos that keeps all the attention on your adorable little one’s smiling faces. I have a headboard backdrop and a comfy comforter on the ground so your kiddos can pose,jump, and run around without worrying about falling off a bed. We have 3 options on how to do the milk and cookies in the session. Option 1, I’ll have Chips Ahoy cookies and 2% milk in a clean glass container all ready for you. Option 2, you bring your own milk and cookies, Option 3, we use fake milk and cookies in case of allergies/messy eaters/healthy diets. The fake cookies are small felt cookies and the fake milk is glue dried in a bottle. We can also do a mix of the three options, in the photos below I used Chips Ahoy cookies and fake milk. There’s also plenty to do if you want to skip the milk and cookies altogether, jumping on the bed, reading Christmas books, snuggling stuffed animals, snuggling up to siblings, holding festive signs, playing with the Santa phone and more.

Recommended People: 4 months - any age. This session is great for kids, adults, and families. However the backdrop is small so it can only fit 4 people.

This theme is also great if you want to bring along your pup for some photos! If you’d like to do that please just book the last available time for the day you’d like and let me know ahead of time.

Recommended wardrobe: Red or Green Pajamas or festive casual clothes.