Houston Holiday Sessions

Houston Holiday Sessions 2018

Expect even bigger and better sessions for 2019!

And just like that, 2018 is behind us and it’s a new year full of exciting new possibilities! One of my highlights from 2018 was closing out the year with some whimsical and unique holiday sessions, and I’m excited to share those with you today! With three charming themes to choose from, families and I had a blast capturing festive snapshots that captured holiday cheer. I was excited to offer three unique themes this year for my holiday sessions. Whether the kids wanted to jump aboard the Polar Express or take a trip to Candy Land, we were ready!

The Polar Express was a favorite this year. I used a big, beautiful backdrop featuring the iconic train that blended seamlessly into photographs. In lieu of using photoshop, I really loved having a physical background for the pictures. The kids really loved seeing what the background would look like and it made them feel immersed in the experience.

I incorporated fun props into each picture and the kids came dressed in their favorite pajamas, looking so cozy as they sipped on fake mugs of hot chocolate and took turns holding a lantern. There were little gift bags labeled with everyone’s names to personalize the experience. This theme was a fanciful homage to the Polar Express and a fun tribute for anyone who saw the movie or loved the book.

Next up was a trip through Candyland, which I sum up in three words: cute, sweet, and girly! We used fake candy, which the girls just loved, and incorporated real lollipops into the shoot so that everyone could satisfy their sweet tooth. We had fake snow for the girls to play in as well as some fluffy cotton candy.

The girls were able to choose whichever dress they wanted from my client wardrobe. I have over 80 dresses that girls can look at and choose from, with a selection for every size and age, and it was a blast watching the kiddos twirl around in their favorite dresses.  

The final theme was Glitter. I am known for my glitter sessions and offer them all year round, but there was something so festive and celebratory about doing it this time of year. A glitter session is a fun opportunity for the kids to play and have fun without having to worry about making a mess. And what a mess we made! Everyone had fun throwing glitter up in the air and dancing all around in it, and once again the girls got to choose their favorite dresses from my client wardrobe.

At the end of the year, families start to think about new photos for their Christmas cards, and a holiday session gives families festive and whimsical pictures to use for their Christmas cards. Another reason for holiday photos is to provide the kids with a fun and memorable experience. Getting pictures should never be a chore, and I’m dedicated to ensuring that the kids enjoy themselves and make new memories.

Of course, another excellent reason to get pictures done is so that parents have updated pictures of their children. Childhood doesn’t last forever, and before we know it the 2019 holiday season will be upon us again! Next year, I’ll be offering SEVEN adorably whimsical themed sessions for the holidays. Two themes are repeating from 2018 and 5 will be completely new. Feel free to contact me if you would like to be notified when next year’s themed are announced. I look forward to giving you and your family the pictures of your dreams!