10 Tips for having a Magical Unicorn Session!

How to have a magical unicorn session with MKStallings Photography in Houston, Texas

  1. Dress the part!

If you’re going to be in photos with a magical unicorn you should dress up for this special occasion! Formal dresses are best, without distracting patterns. You can even request for me to bring a few of my dresses for you to choose from, I have over 85 dresses so there should be something perfect for your little one. (view them here). If you aren’t going to be in the photos (mom/dad/other siblings) dress comfy as I may have you help out.

2. Cover your toes!

The kids in the photos need closed toe shoes (please have the shoes match the outfit, no sneakers please) for safety reasons. The parents/other siblings need closed toe shoes as well, so they’re welcome to wear sneakers as there could be mud/ants/bugs in the grass and I don’t want anyone getting hurt or getting nice shoes ruined.

3. Accessorize!

I have lots of princess crowns, pretty headbands, and flower crowns that I’ll bring to the session. It adds a bit of variety to the photos to switch up the kids accessories throughout the session so feel free to grab a few!

4. Get to know Starfire!

Starfire is a fun, small, white boy unicorn that is 10 years old. He LOVES to eat grass and give unicorn kisses! So don’t be afraid to cuddle up to him!  Practice making a clicking noise with your tongue and the roof of your mouth, this is how you get his attention and get him to look at you and trust you.

5. Listen to Starfire’s owner!

Starfire will have his owner there, she’s pretty awesome and has done many of these sessions with me so she knows exactly how to keep everyone safe and to get Starfire to do certain poses. If she asks for you to stop doing something that could scare him please listen to her. Also keep in mind she is never being mean to Starfire. She may pull on his reins the same way you would pull on your dog’s leash if he trying to go somewhere he shouldn’t or push him in the direction of where he should walk. Most days he loves doing these sessions but others he needs a little more encouragement.

6. Be calm and careful with Starfire!

Loud noises or sudden movements could scare Starfire and we want him to be happy and have fun at your session too so make sure not to yell and to be calm when moving towards him or petting him. Be careful that your feet aren’t too close to his so you don’t get stepped on and NEVER walk behind a unicorn!

7. Keep in mind, kids, animals, and lighting are unpredictable!

These sessions have so many different variables from one session to the next, the light can change, the kids change, the unicorn’s mood can change, as well as kids don’t always do a certain pose and unicorns are animals so they’re completely unpredictable. We will get you 15-20 beautiful photos but I can’t guarantee any certain pose. If there’s a photo on my site from these sessions that you absolutely love let me know and I’ll do my best to replicate it but it’s not always possible. But think about it this way, your photos will be one of a kind!

8. Save the unicorn party for later!

While I know your family and friends must be so excited to see these photos, let them know there will be a behind the scenes video they can view and ask them to not join at the session. Only 2 adults can come with kids to the session and if you bring other kids that aren’t participating make sure they have a toy/ipad to keep themselves entertained. We don’t want anyone distracting Starfire, the child being photographed, or you when we may need your help.

9. Come prepared!

These sessions will be shot in an open field, in Houston, in the spring. So hot and humid weather and quite a bit of mosquitoes is to be expected. Bring water, bug spray, and we are not above bribing kids to smile, so if you think bringing some candy to convince your kids to smile, fine with us! :) Something small and mess free like nerds, jellybeans,  or skittles is best.

10. It’s better to be early than late!

Make sure to leave a little earlier than you think to make sure you get there on time. The park the session is at can be a little confusing and doesn’t have an exact address. So follow the pin on the map I send you instead of the address for the general park.

Bonus tip for after your session!

. Book your reveal soon!

The day after your session you’ll get an email with a link to schedule your reveal (when you will come to my studio and view and purchase your photos) so make sure to choose a date and time that works for you. The date for the reveal doesn’t have to be soon, just schedule it within a few days of receiving the email. I do not edit photos until a few days before your session and will be editing the sessions in the order of the reveals. Prints take a little less than a week to come in and wood prints & canvases take 2-3 weeks so keep this in mind when choosing your date.

That’s everything! If you would like more details on a unicorn session and to book one of your own you can go here.