Houston Unicorn Photoshoot - Juliette

Juliette’s Magical Unicorn Photoshoot

“10 stars all the way! My daughter was able to try on so many princess dresses that looked amazing on her prior to her shoot. She was soooooo happy during the shoot, and laughed the entire time. It was the best experience of my life and I am sure hers too. This photographer has everything you need for the most magical photos. Thank you for all you do!”

- Juliette’s Mom


I just finished up my spring Unicorn sessions and am already planning out my fall sessions! There’s not much time for a vacation when you have a magical unicorn and adorable girls that want to want to be photographed with it! I was looking through all the sessions I did this spring and wanted to share Juliette’s session with you, we both had so much fun at her session and I think that definitely comes through the photos!

First off, I met Juliette’s mom through her nearby lovely business The Art Cellar of Houston, she offers painting classes, painting parties for kids and adults, team building. She even puts on these amazing art markets several times a year that I’m always honored to be a part of. If you’re in the energy corridor area check her out, and if you follow me on Facebook you’ll probably see me share the art markets, I’d love if you stopped by and said hi!

Now back to the session! Juliette’s mom was a little worried how Juliette would act at the session, if she would be shy and scared of Star fire or if she would be comfortable in the dresses. To help out with this she came by my studio the day before so we could have a little dress up party and decide which dresses looked the best and were the most comfy. We chose 2 and a back up dress and matching accessories. I also told her all about Starfire and showed her a couple videos of him so she would know what to expect.

When it was time for the session we were all happy and excited knowing that we had beautiful dresses for her and she knew what to expect from the magical Starfire the unicorn. We met up at the field in West Houston and got her changed and ready.

She loved meeting Starfire and got to pet him, and twirled around to show off her dress, she wore a unicorn headband to finish the look of course.

Then it was time for an outfit change! Juliette changed into this long blue dress I have - it’s one of my favorite’s it’s so princessey with it’s super long train! I brought a ladder for her to stand on to help show off the dress, we even did some photos without a unicorn while we were at it!


My client after Juliette had to reschedule so we had some extra time for her third dress! We normally only have time for two outfits but in rare occasions like this I’m happy we have a back up dress to make the most out of our session! We had her sit on the ground since the dress is so comfy and poofy and my assistant and I made crazy joked to keep her laughing!

A few weeks later we met back up to show her parent’s the photos, they loved them and got two canvases so Juliette can view these photos everyday and remember her magical experience!

If you’re interested in booking your very own unicorn session send me an email at mkstallingsphotography@gmail.com I’m opening up booking soon for my fall sessions!

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