Houston Cake Smash Photo shoot

Andrew’s First Birthday Photo shoot


One day your child is a tiny precious newborn and the next he’s a curious toddler running around curious about the world. That’s why I love the theme we chose for this session “Time Flies” as it perfectly captures how quickly your little one grows up!

I had lots of ideas and outfits for Andrew’s session so we would have a lot of variety in the final images. First up we had him wear this ADORABLE outfit from my studio wardrobe (You can get it on Amazon here.) and had a simple backdrop set up with little hot air balloons and stars along with a super cute plane prop I have. Interesting story on how I got the plane, my parents bought it at a garage sale in 1995 and it sat abandoned in our garage for a few years until I came across it and re-painted it a few years. So now it’s an awesome vintage prop!

Andrew LOVED sitting on/crawling over/ and spinning the propeller on the airplane. He also was fine sitting on this mini stool I have which was awesome as not all kids are a fan of the stool.

Next up we changed him into this cute onesie that says “I’m One” with a little airplane above it, just perfect for this theme and brought him over to a second backdrop I had set up. He loved playing with the clouds I had set up in the background but as they kept covering his face we brought in the plane again which he was more than happy to climb aboard.

Then for the main event we brought in the cake! I got a custom cake from the amazing T&D cakes and a cute cake topper from Etsy. Now the cake part of my session is always the most unpredictable part, some kids love it, some kids hate it, some will just be super focused on eating it and won’t smile or look at us, and some are going to just ignore the cake and give me the cutest big smiles. Andrew definitely fell into that last category, he wanted nothing to do with the cake but would happily look at me and show me his adorable little teeth. Which is 1000% fine with me! I would never force a kid to eat/smash a cake or put icing all over them as this would definitely upset them and the photos wouldn’t capture their true personality.

We gave Andrew a little spoon to help dig into a cake but he used it as a drum stick instead, hey whatever works! We also had a little suitcase for him to sit on and little planes to play with. He was happy as could be playing with these new “toys” and listening to his mom sing his favorite song. The photos turned out adorable and at the end of the day that’s so much more important to me than making a big mess from a cake.

Lastly, it was bath time! This is almost every child’s favorite part of the session. I have a warm bubble filled bath all ready to go and little rubber ducks to play with. They get to splash around as much as they like, laugh a bunch and give me adorable little smiles - plus it cleans off any icing on them. Win-win!

I had so much fun at Andrew’s session and hope to do this theme again in the future!

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