Houston One Year Session - Jeneen

Jeneen’s First Birthday Session!


A baby’s first birthday is so special, it was a year of excitement and firsts, milestones and emotions. The best way to capture this exciting time is by hiring a professional photographer and celebrate with a cake smash session! I provide all the outfits, backdrops, props, and am even working towards providing the cake too! So all you have to do is show up and watch your child smile and laugh as they destroy their very first birthday cake! These photos always turn out so adorable and will be photos you cherish for years to come.

Jeneen’s parents were so excited for this session, her mom loved my outfits and couldn’t choose just one so we did FOUR outfits! While this isn’t something I always suggest as some babies may not like outfit changes, it sure was fun and gave her parents some extra variety in the images!

First we started with my candy land set! This set started as a theme for my christmas sessions but has become a year round request, one I’m more than happy to do! It is just so girly and sweet!

Next up was our pre-cake photos! I always try and get some cute photos of the baby with the set before the cake comes in. Once they see the cake it’s all they want! We chose my “Unicorn Party” theme for her photos. Its pink, girly, has confetti, balloons, and most importantly unicorns! What more could you want for a celebration?

Last, but certainly not least was the photos with the cake! Since we were doing so many outfit changes and two sets the parents decided to make things a little easier with a fake cake. I have two fake cakes at my studios for those times where you want cake smash photos….without actually smashing a cake. I simply put a little bit of icing behind the fake cakes and there you have it! Some fun messy photos without having to bring a real cake! Jeneen was SO good at looking up while eating her cake! Sometime even the happiest babies get REALLY serious when the cake comes out! They never get to eat cake & icing at home so they make the most out of the opportunity and eat as much as they can without even wasting a second to look up! While those photos are very cute and perfectly capture the moment, I love when we can see their cute faces too!


This session was so much fun and I can’t wait to do more session with Jeneen as she grows up! If you’re interested in a first birthday/cake smash session in the Houston/Katy area contact me! You can email mkstallingsphotography@gmail.com call 713-858-8693 or click on the “Contact” tab at the top of my page!

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Houston First Birthday Session - Wyatt


Oh how I love first birthday sessions! The babies are so cute and are in this adorable age where they are so curious to try everything and are old enough to have a little bit of independence and can walk around and pick things up for themselves! Which is just great for these sessions, they're more than happy to dig into the cake and don't need any help sitting up or holding things, we just need to keep them on the backdrop. 

Wyatt was exactly that, she's so full of energy and would of ran around the whole studio 10 times if we would have let her. In the video at the end of this post you'll even see her run right up to the camera, SO CUTE. 


Before the cake smash, I always like to start the session with some classic portraits of the kids. This helps the kids get used to the studio and the flash, and gives the parents some more variety in the photos. ALSO these photos are really easy to replicate in future sessions, if you want a similar photo of your child every year to compare how much older they look. 


Since it's basically impossible to pose 1 year olds we get really sweet funny photos that perfectly show their personality! 

Then it was time for the main event! We decided on a 'Donut Grow up" Theme for Wyatt's cake smash photos. So not only did she have a cake to make a mess with, but donuts too! I even had a dress for her that matched the set up perfectly! 

Thank you Happy Cakes for the super cute donut themed cake! 


We were able to admire the cake for about half a second before Wyatt took the donuts off and we had to remove the sticks for safety reasons. 



I was worried the cake wouldn't keep her attention and her mom was worried how she would react later to eating so much sugar. It could not have worked out better for both of us. Wyatt was all about smashing into the cake but wasn't really a fan of the taste so she barely ate any! Awesomeee. 


Little ones sometime don't like the sticky feeling of icing on their fingers, so a spoon is super helpful! 


I'm obssesed with little detail shots like this! So cute! 


Check out the video below for all the behind the scenes cuteness! 


Happy Birthday sweet Wyatt! 


Contact me today to start planning your own customized first birthday/cake smash session! 

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