Winter Wonderland Session

This whimsical snowy setup is a great way for Texan families to get some adorable photos in the snow, and wear those cute winter clothes we never get a chance to wear! There’s snowy trees, snow on the floor, snow that they can throw and have sprinkled on them, snowballs for a snowball fights, lots of wooden chairs to sit on, a pretend car with a tree on top for the little ones and so much more!

Recommended people: Any Ages! This is my largest setup so it’s PERFECT for family photos! As well as it’s the best for hyper kiddos since there’s more room for them to run around in and lots of things to get their attention so they don’t have to pose as much.

Recommended Wardrobe: Winter clothes, jackets, vests, ear muffs, gloves, boots, the whole shebang! I know a lot of us don’t have cute snow clothes so I’m working on providing jackets, and accessories so you don’t have to worry about finding something. You can find a few things I already have here -